Boost Your Image

Do you think that image consulting is only for the rich and Hollywood movie stars? Nothing could be further from the truth! Why not take advantage of your stay in Italy to discover all the secrets of Italian style? With my services you can draw and create your new image.

All my image consulting workshops are private, custom made for between 1-6 people, and delivered directly to your hotel! You don’t have to move, I’ll come to you. Classified among the best things to do in Milan, I wouldn’t miss them!

Colour Coaching

Colour has the power to change our mood and make us look more beautiful, young and full of energy. It's a secret weapon if you know how to use it! My colour coaching service helps you to discover the colors that best suit your complexion and how to match them. My approach is simple but accurate: working with your skin tone to define your season, then taking into account your other features to determine the best accessories and the shades that will really make you glow. If you're preparing your personal list of things to do in Milan in one day, you really have to try my colour analysis workshop.

Service available in Milan and its surroundings.

2h, 150.00 €

Body Assessment

Enhance your strengths and hide the flaws. My Body Assessment service is designed to help you make your figure even more beautiful and harmonious. We will establish your body shape and identify your personal style based on age, personality and lifestyle. I'll show you which fabrics to choose and how to customize your new look with the right shoes and accessories. One essential step before you do the best shopping in Milan.

Service available in Milan and its surroundings.

2h, 130.00 €